Throw Me A Line

Throw Me A Line

I wrote this song as a plea of someone who has drifted from God and realised it.  The second verse describes what is very common among a lot of people.  Everyone is searching for something and they don’t realise that it’s God.  So, they try drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships and so on.  And it often leaves them feeling just as empty if not worse.  And our return to God is two-fold.  One being his drawing us to him and two being our following of his leading.  Anyway here are the lyrics.

Throw me a line

By: Jeffrey Reum

Verse 1

Drifted away, so far from you

I can’t get back on my own

My body’s limp, it feels hopeless

To try to swim


Throw me a line, I’m lost at sea

And pull me back to you

Give me the strength, give me the will

To swim with all my might

*Verse 2

My mind has trusted in things

As if they could deliver like you

But all they gave were broken promises

And now I’m lost at sea


Caught in the middle of an epic battle

Between my flesh and soul

Who will win the war I fight within myself

Within myself


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