Despite Your Wickedness

This is my latest song.  Still working out the music that goes with it.

I wrote this song to capture the fact that we can never be good enough for God.  Yet God still loves us and gave Himself for us.  When we accept that gift we can enter into His presence.  It is His presence that changes us.

Despite Your Wickedness

By Jeffrey Reum

Verse 1

I tried so hard to be good, to earn your favor and delight

But with each and every turn and every bend, my failure was a constant blight

I can’t seem to beat my inner evil, the deep desire for what is wrong

With each day it grows worse, but you love sings this song


I love you despite your wickedness

I love you even at your lowest

My grace, love and mercy are not prizes to be won

They are my gift to you; I’ll forgive you of what you’ve done wrong

Because I, I, I love you

Verse 2

I desire to be with you, myself is what I supplied

My death paid the price, now my wrath is satisfied

It broke down the wall that kept us apart;

Forever I’ll be by your side;

Verse 3

You can’t do it on your own, your nature is cursed

By my presence you are change, your wickedness decreased

My love overwhelms you and permeates your soul

It overflows to those around you, and you can fulfill your role


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