A New Adventure

Hello Friends,

Today I begin a new adventure, blogging.  I do so for a couple of reasons; 1, I like to write and share my ideas, many of which are unconventional and I believe would be beneficial to the world, 2. I heard that you can generate an income from blogging.  Personally I live for the Gospel and have things on my heart to do that would use up time slots that many employers expect.  For example for the longest time I have wanted to start an after school program for my youth group, Fusion After school.  To do this I would need to be available from 2pm to 5 or 6pm Monday thru Friday.  This doesn’t account for the time needed for administration, planning, meetings, phone calls, etc.

Bear with me a moment while I hash a couple avenues and I will get to the sorts of things I hope to share.  I have discovered three avenues so far in my research, advertising (ad networks and affiliate), sell something (for me ebooks and songs), or possible through monthly donations.  At this point I haven’t landed on an idea just yet.  I’m not a big fan of plastering ads all over my site that is meant to provide spiritual insight. I could if need be do some Christian affiliate advertising, if I like the product.  I like the idea of selling books but I need some time to write them.  The monthly donation route has been something that has came to mind many times but I’m not sure about what is appropriate, legal, and what the tax implications are.

One thing I have learned about this is that getting to a point where a blog is able to generate significant income takes time and is dependent on on traffic.  So I figure I got some time to land on something, and in the meantime build an audience as they say and do some hustling in order to make a living and remain open to the needs of ministry and my family.  (By the way I can clean carpets, refinish hardwoods, low voltage wiring, moderate pc work, moderate carpentry, laying hardwood, websites, etc) LOL!  Now that that stuff is out of the way, and I question myself on how much I should have shared, I invite you along on the journey as I begin to blog.

In the side bar I have a list of categories of topics covered or that expected to cover along this journey.  Either lessons learned or reflections I have had.  As a father of six pursuing ministry and a degree I learned quite a bit about family life, father hood, and discipling children.  As I have bumbled my way through trying to run a world class Hell stomping disciple factory of a youth group I have learned some key lessons.  In addition I have made some leadership blunders and learned a lot while at Life Pacific.  One of my favorite things to talk about though is what I’m calling the pursuit of the Divine.

What I mean by pursuit of the Divine, is in regards to the discrepancy between

“And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.”” (Mark 16:17–18, ESV)

“If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.” (John 14:14, ESV)

These verses do not seem to fit with the modern experience of the North American Church.  Personally I stand by scripture as being accurate and the problem exist in man not God.  The pursuit of the Divine is a pursuit of the manifest presence of God and the revival of the Church.  The Lord has shown me many areas for us to improve.  The way I understand the Gospel and the Christian life is through the lens of what scripture reveals the heartbeat of God to be, and not so much as a sterile lifeless duty.  A blend of grace and truth, understanding the value of each person with out short cutting the call to holiness, righteousness, and complete and total commitment to the Lord.

Overall in this post, I know it isn’t something super exciting and engaging but I wanted to provide an explanation and allow you guys to become a part of my world.  So strap in, hold and prepare for what I believe will be an exciting journey.  I truly believe that what I have to share will add value to your life and/or ministry.


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