A Story of Healing

Greeting Friends,

I am so excited to share the story about what happened tonight.  But, before we get to the exciting thing I want to share about the context that will help explain why I categorized this post in 3 categories.  So, tonight, I held a special service for the members of my youth team.  On one hand we hadn’t had a meeting in a while due to the holidays, and I like to do one monthly and on the other, a couple weeks ago the Lord laid it on my heart to do it in this manner.  One of the things I have learned about leadership is that if you take care of your team, your team will take care of your customers (in this case our youth).  For our youth group we are after revival and great awakening, and if first starts in me, then my team, then our youth group, and then their schools and families.  So as a person chasing after assuming my identity in Christ, in this case healing the sick and raising the dead.  I saw it only as appropriate to minister to my team on this level.  So as we closed our service I offered to pray for people.  I had a couple volunteers, and then I decided to take them on one by one.

Now we are to the fun part!!!!

It had come to “Linda’s” turn (name changed for privacy).  Linda had some family issues and a cracked knee cap.  She also mentioned that she needed discipline.  We talked and chatted for a bit about it all and then I got down to business.  I prayed for her less tangible needs first and so on.  And then on to the knee.  Now I’m not use to much happening when I pray at this point in my life, but I know if I keep trying sooner or later I’m going to hit pay dirt.  With that said I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just guessing and trying to learn from people on YouTube like Todd White, Curry Blake, Heidi Baker, and David Hogan.  On a side note, what I did was more inspired by Todd White.  So as I finishing praying I get down on one knee place my hand on her knee and and say in the name of Jesus pain be gone.  At this point things get fuzzy.  I can’t remember the order of how it all happened, but I know a prayed a couple times for the knee.  I had seen in my studies that many times it takes a few tries for some reason.  So after each time we prayed I asked for a status report.  I believe this was before I had her join in.  She said she still had pain but that it was warm, like a warm rag was placed on it.  I’m like super, something is happening!!!!  So I say ok, this seems to happen a lot (based on my studies so far).  The next phase was what I believe to be a suggestion from the Lord.  I had her place her own hand on her knee and I placed my hand on hers and said “repeat after me”.  “In the name of Jesus pain be gone”  “I believe that I am healed in the name of Jesus”.  After each time I would ask what was happening.  The answer would fluctuate between no pain and reduced pain.  So I had her get up and walk around, again testing it seems to be common practice among those I have watched doing this.  She walked around the room without her cane.  According to another one of our associates she was complaining about the knee and using the cane earlier.  Unfortunately, the pain began to return, sad day, but it wasn’t as bad as before.

We continued to pray over it, but the answer was reduced, not a total healing.  I felt that for her, what had happened was a taste of what was hers and that she was to do some homework before it was complete, ie, pray over knee the same way I showed her at home.  I say this not because I think this is how it should work but because I believe the Lord wants to strengthen her faith and use her to do the same for others.  So, last I checked the knee was feeling better, but not fully restored.

So I must be off to bed for the night, but I plan to keep you posted, and perhaps we will do a video interview with “Linda”.  When the final report is in.


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