His Love Endures Forever


 I know I’m a little behind, but I just watched the first episode of NBC’s “A.D.” and there are few things I would like to say.  First I wasn’t taken back by any gross errors like when I watched the first episode of the “Bible” and “Son of God”.  Now to the good stuff, there were many times that I was overwhelmed not in my intellect as I had tried to make it to be but deeper within, a place I don’t know super well.  Overwhelmed to uncontrollable tears, something my “manliness” isn’t proud of, however I allow exceptions for Jesus.  However, my “intellect” had enough to add its piece.  For those who don’t know Tuesday April 14th, 2015 I had my tonsils removed.  My doctor told me to prepare for 2 weeks of horrible pain.  I wishfully hoped that my experience would follow the more favorable sounding ones on the web.  But the extent of my condition that has been brewing for at least 15 years hasn’t allowed that.  The pain I have experienced is definitely in the running for number one in severity, along with rotten teeth and kidney stones.  As watching this I began to wonder, God maybe you have allowed me to experience this, rather than a miraculous healing, to show me, to help me realize how great is your love.  Even now as I write I am overcome, but I cannot explain it much more than that.

 I had wanted to watch this since it aired and haven’t, and I wanted to be well on my way to recovery but I’m not.  This Monday starts the final week of the first class of the last part of getting my bachelors, and I now have to try to do last week’s work, this week’s work, and then final Library project that I haven’t started, all by Sunday April 26th, 2015, but it is at this point of stress, at this point of pain and discomfort that I watched it.  And I realized that all this pain I have experienced, is nothing compared to the pain he had at the end of the whip, under the weight of the cross, being nailed to the cross, and dying on the cross.  My pain didn’t touch His.  And He took it so willingly. (Please see my older post where I elaborate on this more along with the song.)  My wife asked me to get a Q-tip and I had to stop several times on this journey because of grasping some of this truth.

  I ask you take time to take all this in, reflect upon your own pain, watch the show, watch the “Passion: of the Christ” allow it all to sink in.  If you struggle with believes that God love you, this should put that to bed.  This truth will change your life.  This truth will not let me settle for the normal life, 9-5, evening with the kids, vacations every summer, bills paid in advanced.  I cannot sit by and watch the world burn, I cannot sit by while people are dying and going to hell, while people, including children, are cutting themselves thinking they aren’t worth anything, selling themselves like they are nothing, when my God, my King, my savior bleed and died saying otherwise.  The whole world must know His love, they must, and He wants them to.  He is crying out from the heavens, He has been crying out throughout all time, he is crying out to you now, “I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, over and over again.   Listen, stop trying to explain it away, accept it, and turn Him away no more.

Watch  The Show

See The story and Lyrics Behind Ransomed


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